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• Indicate the dates you are interested in for your event (to include set up and pack down dates)
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Search for the availability of your desired area within the Adelaide Park Lands before submitting a booking application.

Use our tool below to help you identify available spaces based on criteria and interest. Once you are done, click the search button at the bottom of the page to begin the search.

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Please note that all applications must be lodged as per the following timelines prior to your event date:
- Major Event: (An event of 10,000 people and/or over 20,000m2)
- Medium Event: (An event of 1,501 to 9,999 people and/or over 1,000 and less than 20,000m2)
- Small Event: (An event of 0-1,500 people and/or less than 1,000m2)
- Road Events: (An event held on a road which is normally open to the public for the driving of motor vehicles)
Date search information:
  • Date format: D/MM/YYYY
  • Available Search Date Range: Monday, 29 March 2021 - Thursday, 3 March 2022
  • Maximum Search Day Span: 360
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